Lighthorne Winter Wonderland -Photo Competition 2021


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By Angela: Lighthorne this morning. No filter needed. 

By Ann: Meg enjoying last weekend but rather pleased we haven't had a repeat.

By Ann: Ruby having fun last weekend.

By Amanda : Malfy enjoying the snow.

By Amanda: Definitely a winter wonderland.

By Anna:   Lighthorne snow angels.

By Anna:       Lighthorne snowman.

By Anna:  Lighthorne sledging.

By Maxine: Little Lucy enjoying the snow.

By Maxine: It’s the first time Lucy has ever seen snow! Spot Lucy LOL.

By Maxine: Lucy after her bath from playing in the snow xxxx

By Cat Sh: Having fun at the Cricket Field.

By Kacie: What a good boy!

By Kacie: Lighthorne.

By Laura: Weeeeeeeeee!

By Laura: What a handsome boy!!

By Laura: Fluorescent Snow Angel!

By Laura: Snow Spaniel.

By Mandy: (1)

By Mandy: (2)

By Mandy: (3)

By Kacie:     What a lovely end to the day.

By Kacie:   Red Sky at night Lighthorne a delight.

By Sue N: (1)

By Sue N: (2)

By Sue N: The pub!

By Susan B:  Winter wonderland garden.

By Lesley: Snowdrops in winter.

By Lesley: Friendly donkeys.

By Martin: A midsummer night's dream - in winter, or the unmade bed.

By Nigel: (1)

By Nigel: (2)

By Sally: That Frosty Foggy Day.

By Sally: Fog.

By Sue D: Antelope.

By Sue D: Church.

By Sue D: Top Garden.

By Sue D: Solitary Bench.

By Cat St: Winter's evening.

By Cat St: Jack Frost.

By Cat St: The morning sun.

By Cat St: A wintery Lane.

By Mary-Lorraine:  Frost and Fog.

By Mary-Lorraine: Frsoty garden.

By Mary-Lorraine: Dayglo Dog.

By Angela: This morning's wintry sunrise in Lighthorne.

By Russell: Church Lane on a frosty morning.

By Russell: Ivy and Lace.

By Russell: Blue and White.

By Russell: Lighthorne on the web.

By Jessica: Frozen fish pond on wintery afternoon.

By Peter S: A walk in Compton Verney safari park.

By Cat Sh: Sunset walks across the fields 1

By Cat Sh: Sunset walks across the fields 2

By Cat Sh: Sunset walks across the fields 3

By Cat Sh: Sunset walks across the fields 4

By Cat St: Winter Sun.

By Cat St: House on the Hill.

By Kacie: Can you spot the moon hidden in the perfect place?

By Carol: Winter photo.

By Carol: Snowman.

By Carol: Having fun.

By Cat St: Mirror Image