David Wright Room - Our new Annexe



Our Village Hall, built in 1960, has served our community well for 58 years but the village population has increased by almost 20%, with more building planned and there is a marked increase in demand for access to the hall.

We have decided as a community to build a standalone Annexe to the hall to provide an independent facility with increased flexibility allowing different groups to use the hall.

The Annexe will aim to introduce an innovative, multipurpose space for any community group including an informal social space for a lunch club for the elderly, a comfortable meeting room for smaller groups, a safer, brighter environment for children’s activities including Toddler Group as well as a flexible rehearsal space for drama groups and dance classes. It will introduce dedicated facilities for our outreach Post Office, possibly a community cafe, a small community library, a break-out area from the main hall for larger events, a bar serving area allowing better use of the existing kitchen facilities and much needed additional storage space. There will also be improved disabled access to the Annexe and main hall and a disabled parking space. 

This smaller space will provide opportunities for wider community involvement encouraging a wider variety of usage. The hall is the centre of village social life. The new facility will enhance sell-out entertainment evenings provided by the Drama Group, Lighthorne Folk and Drama Festival, allowing the serving of refreshments without disturbing seated guests.

The new build and updating will utilise environmentally friendly materials, reduce power consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. The exterior will match the current building while using different natural materials to enhance its physical presence. Complementary planting and landscaping will perfect this creative venture.

Building work is set to commence at the beginning of January 2019 and though bound to cause some disruption we will work with the developer to minimise it and keep you informed.



Villagers got together at the village hall on a cold but very sunny morning of February to mark the beginning of this important mile-stone for our loved village of Lighthorne.  Peter gave such an emotional and moving speech about our friend David Wright, that kept everybody laughing and crying at the same time...Such a nice gathering to be kept in our memories. Cheers!

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